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Our field of expertise is executing customer acquisition campaigns for Fortune 100 and 500 companies in the telecom, business supply, and solar energy industries.  LTG provides the human interaction our clients so desperately need.  Our company's name stands for "Long Term Goal" and we encourage our team to be extremely goal oriented. One of our company's goals is to expand into 2 new markets  by the end of 2014.

Our current client is Verizon FiOs and we handle their direct sales campaigns in two markets:


Syracuse. Our home base is located here. Within the last year, we've provided our client with over 4,000 customers and over six million dollars in revenue. We continually hit sales goals, and find ourselves in the top 10 in the nation when it comes to quality sales.





Albany. Our newest opportunity. Due to our growth, our client rewarded us with this satellite territory. Our team members have the opportunity to earn business trips to the state's capital. 



We distinctively focus on three main areas:

Customer Acquisition & Retention

We are hired to sell the products and services of our clients.

Training & Developing

It’s what we do best. We develop determined individuals into a professional management role.


Giving back to our community.



Our Company Values

Compassion We genuinely care about the satisfaction of our clients and the development of our staff.

Integrity Our trainers and leaders set a precedent of honesty. We have been recognized and awarded for our high integrity sales.

Professionalism We pride ourselves in upholding the utmost professionalism and breeding future business leaders. 

Creativity We make it a habit to be innovative when it comes to the productivity of our clients and our company.

Team work Our success is due to the great relationships and a strong team environment within our firm.

Consistency Progression needs to be continual. We avoid being stagnant by upholding systematic standards and results.